Girls Gone Hypnotized

A New Slave For Master

Hypnotized Lily has obeyed her programming, and has brought home a new friend for her master. Upon walking through the door and sitting on the couch, Lily goes into a hypnotic trance in mid-sentence, much to the surprise of her new friend Iryna. As Iryna tries to snap Lily out of it, she is approached by Lily's master who shows Iryna a pretty pocket watch. The watch swings before Iryna's eyes and she slowly goes under her master's complete control. Now Iryna is powerless to resist, just like Lily. Lily conditions her master's new slave even further, and both girls spend the rest of the afternoon serving and obeying.

Full Video Details:
17 minutes, 00 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily goes into a hypnotic trance upon completing her task
  • Iryna is hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch
  • Both girls must answer "yes master" when given a command
  • Lily's master puts her into a hypnotic sleep
  • Iryna repeats her instructions during programming
  • Iryna is made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating mantras as Lily remains asleep
  • Iryna stands posed as a sleepwalker while repeating her mantras
  • Iryna is put to sleep on the couch
  • Both girls sit in a trance while repeating "we are completely hypnotized"
  • Both girls are ordered to go barefoot
  • Lily is made to take Iryna further into hypnosis using the pocket watch
  • Lily is made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating mantras as Iryna remains asleep
  • Iryna is frozen and posed by her master while Lily stands at attention
  • Iryna's chest is felt up by her master briefly
  • Both girls sleepwalk through the room while repeating the same mantra
  • Both girls are stored in the closet for future use
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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