Girls Gone Hypnotized

A Thing For Feet 6

Violet has been talking to Lily online for quite a while now, and the two have formed a strong friendship. Unknown to Lily, Violet is interested in a bit more than a simple friendship - she has a thing for girls' pretty feet. When they finally get the opportunity to meet up, Violet puts the unsuspecting Lily under her control using hypnosis. Hypnotized Lily helplessly follows and obeys all of Violet's commands, eventually becoming her foot slave. The girls take turns rubbing, kissing, and licking each other's bare feet. Lily has no choice but to mindlessly follow along in her hypnotized trance.

Full Video Details:
24 minutes, 30 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Violet hypnotizes Lily with a pocket watch
  • Lily is made to answer "yes mistress" when given a command
  • Lily is made to repeat her programming during the induction
  • Lily is made to remove her socks and present her bare feet to her mistress
  • Lily must repeat "my feet are hypnotized" while Violet holds and caresses her feet
  • Lily is made to sleepwalk barefoot through the room while chanting her mantras
  • Lily sits mindless and entranced while her feet are licked, kissed, and sucked by her mistress
  • Lily begins to come out of trance, but is quickly put back under when shown the pocket watch
  • Lily's mistress continues to lick her feet
  • Lily is made to kneel before her mistress and kiss and lick her bare feet
  • Lily is left with a suggestion that she loves her feet to be worshiped and she loves worshiping other people's feet
  • No nudity
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