Girls Gone Hypnotized

Advanced Brainwashing

This video was made as a custom for an individual, however, it does not exhibit a personal tone to it.

Victoria arrives at her professor's to discuss an extra credit assignment. She finds his door unlocked so she lets herself inside. On his laptop, she sees a note instructing her to sit down and press the enter key. As soon as she does, two red spirals begins spinning on the laptop. Victoria is immediately hypnotized by the spirals and responds to the commands coming from the computer. She is told to place a mind-control helmet on her head, and begin her permanent brainwashing. Her professor enters the room and takes control of Victoria's mind. He's had a crush on her for a long time now, and finally she is completely under his power. Victoria helplessly carries out his every command.

Full Video Details:
14 minutes, 54 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by spinning spirals
  • Red and black spirals spin in Victoria's eyes
  • Permanently brainwashed with a mind-control helmet
  • Repeats her programming in a robotic monotone
  • Refers to her professor as "master"
  • Receives instructions from a male voice throughout
  • Must march with her arms out in front of her while repeating, "My brain is washed by my master, I must serve and obey him"
  • Must kneel and worship her master, still wearing the mind-control helmet
  • Made to remove her boots
  • Made to remove her sweating socks and rub them in her master's face while repeating, "I exist to make stinky socks for my master"
  • Must sleepwalk through the room while repeating her mantras
  • Must stare into the spinning spirals one final time
  • Made to go back to class barefoot
  • No nudity
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