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Aimee Programmed to Obey

Aimee gets a visit from one of her classmates one afternoon. He's finally completed his science project and he can't wait to show her what it does, or rather, test it out on her.  It's a tiny remote control that when activated, transforms any woman into an obedient robot simply by pointing the remote towards them and pressing a button. Aimee's personality is wiped away and she instantly begins reciting her programming. Aimee now identifies herself as a "unit" and will perfectly execute any and all of her master's commands.

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Full Video Details:
09 minutes, 06 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Instantly transformed into a programmable robot using a universal remote
  • Made to refer to her classmate as her "controller"
  • Refers to herself as a "unit"
  • Repeats it's programming upon activation
  • Unit is looked over and inspected while vocalizing it's obedience
  • Unit is made to walk through the room while repeating it's directive
  • Unit's limb movements are controlled and tested using the remote
  • Unit walks through the room repeating it's sexual identification
  • Unit stands at attention and repeats it's sexual programming
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity

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