Girls Gone Hypnotized

Alexis Skyy Hypnotized

Alexis is a little behind on rent and her landlord pays her a visit. In exchange for being able to pay late, he asks Alexis if he can play with her boobs. She tells him no way, so he decides to take what he wants from her anyway. He uses a pocket watch to hypnotize Alexis. She stares blankly ahead, ready to follow and obey. Alexis is his mindless slave and will be used by him in any way he desires.

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16 minutes, 08 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized using a pocket watch.
  • Stares into nothing as she repeats her mantras.
  • Answers "yes master" when obeying a command.
  • Felt up while in a trance.
  • Becomes a mindless sleepwalker and chants her mantra as she walks in circles.
  • Stands at attention while her master plays with her tits.
  • Snapped out of trance briefly. Becomes upset that she's topless, but quickly put back into trance with a finger snap.
  • Made to dance out of her dress.
  • Made to sleepwalk in her underwear.
  • Bare chest is fondled as she repeats "my body is your property".
  • Brought out of trance and is horrified to find herself naked. Snapped back into trance and kneels before her master.
  • Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom. (no male nudity or real sex)
  • Full nude.
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