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Alisha's Third Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Alisha's third time being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Alisha returns for her third hypnosis session. She is again working with our hypnotist, RHLOVER. The entire session was conducted online through the webcam, with Alisha being guided into trance by the hypnotist, through visualization and relaxation techniques.  I, of course, was in the room with her, filming and interacting as needed. We don't have any pre-tests, and the induction is fairly quick, as this session was actually shot just a couple weeks after her second session. She is first guided into a state of deep relaxation by the hypnotist's voice and other visualization techniques. Alisha is dropped deeper and deeper until a good trance has been established. This time we do a little role play with Alisha, making her believe she is a scientist who is in danger of losing funding for her projects. She must convince us that her inventions are worth investing in, and of course the only way to do that, is to demonstrate them on herself. Alisha has a "love spray" and a pair of "mind conditioning headphones" that she must subject herself to. While under the influence of the headphones, she is also made to believe that she is a Pleasure Unit who's only purpose is to give and receive pleasure. And she does an excellent job of carrying out her task. A list of all suggestions used, and full details about the shoot, can be found directly below the description.

After the session, all hypnotic triggers are removed, and Alisha is brought completely out of hypnosis, remembering very little but feeling great.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Pre-induction talk
  • Taken into a deep relaxation and guided into trance by hypnotist's voice and visualization
  • Given a sleep trigger that returns her to trance at any time when she hears the word "sleep"
  • Made to feel a surge of pride, joy, and satisfaction when she hears the phrase "good girl"
  • Goes blank, mindless and empty whenever her feet are rubbed
  • Made to believe she is a scientist in danger of losing her funding. In order to keep her projects funded, she must test her inventions on herself.
  • First invention tested is a love spray that makes her fall in love with the first person she sees. Takes her clothes off under her lab coat and becomes highly flirtatious. Shows body off and lets her chest be touched.
  • Second invention is a pair of headphones that program her mind. While wearing them, she repeats and believes anything she is told. She believes we are her masters and she will obey any commands we give her.
  • Believes that she is a pleasure unit and her purpose is to give and receive pleasure. Give a sexy lapdance and grinds on her master.
  • Sleepwalks back and forth while repeating "I am a mindless pleasure unit"
  • Describes how she would please her master in the bedroom
  • Hypno-chloroform: eyes roll up and she slowly drifts into trance when a rag is held to her nose and mouth. Lays limp and asleep while her body is played with.
  • Given the suggestion that she will experience pleasure right before passing out from the rag, and let out a soft moan.
  • Stares into the camera and repeats her mantra
  • Bows down before the camera while repeating the mantra she is given
  • Triggers removed, brought out of hypnosis completely
  • Brief discussion about her experience
  • Topless, nude down to panties
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