Girls Gone Hypnotized

Becoming a Bimbo

Landlord Hannah is a stuck up, snobby, prude of a woman who has dropped by to harass one of her tenants in the late morning hours. Her nagging voice is so loud and obnoxious, that it gives even herself a headache! After some yelling and complaining, she rudely asks for a pain reliever, but doesn't bother inspecting it before popping it in her mouth. She is unaware that her maddened tenant has given her a bimbofication pill, that once takes effect, slowly strips her mind of any intelligent thought, making her a complete and total airhead. Now as Hannah gradually becomes a bimbo, she becomes much more tolerable, and idiotic too. She is amazed and baffled by her surroundings and the simple appliances in the apartment, unable to comprehend even the simplest of actions such as eating potato chips.

The story of this video is continued in Becoming a Robo Bimbo.

Full Video Details:
27 minutes, 34 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind stripped of all intelligent thought after ingesting a bimbofication pill.
  • IQ is lowered to the point of having a totally new personality and becoming a bimbo
  • Confused by simple household appliances
  • Tries to cook chips in a frying pan
  • Takes her shoes off and talks about her stinky feet
  • Takes her tits out of her dress and shows them to neighbors through the window
  • Tries to ice skate on kitchen floor with paper towels as skates
  • Asks what time it is and begins to get hypnotized when she is shown a pocket watch
  • Many more instances of stupidity
  • Barefoot
  • Topless
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