Girls Gone Hypnotized

Becoming a Robot 2

Victoria replies to an ad seeking volunteers for a hypnosis experiment. She could use the money, so agrees to the session. Though a bit skeptical at first, Victoria responds well to the hypnosis and slips into a deep trance, believing and doing anything the hypnotist suggests. Victoria is made to believe that she is a robot, comprised of gears and wires. Her personality is forgotten and her mind is made blank and empty.

Next Victoria is prepared for a total robotic conversion. Her body is painted a shiny gold, and then she is placed under a mind control helmet. The helmet installs programs into her now robotic mind. Victoria is converted fully into a Pleasure Robot, serving and obeying her master's every command. She can no longer think for herself, and will flawlessly execute all commands.

Full Video Details:
19 minutes, 23 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a swinging crystal
  • Made to repeat back her commands during the induction
  • Made to refer to the hypnotist as "master"
  • Made to believe that she is a robot, and instructed to prepare her body for conversion.
  • Her now robotic body is painted gold
  • Formatted and reprogrammed by the mind control helmet
  • Programs are installed into her robotic mind
  • Repeats back her programming in a monotone
  • Now refers to herself as a "unit"
  • The fully reprogrammed unit is looked over and inspected by its owner
  • Unit is placed into cleaning mode and dusts it's owner's home
  • Unit is placed into entertainment mode and dances for it's master
  • Unit enters statue mode and changes it's pose with each snap of it's master's finger
  • Placed into display mode. Walks through the room repeating her programming.
  • Unit is put into capture mode and lures it's friend Lily to it's owner's location for her future conversion
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity

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