Girls Gone Hypnotized

Bimbo Potion

Nyxon's lazy boyfriend is tired of being berated and mistreated by his hot, but bitchy girlfriend. Nyxon is a little too smart for her own good it seems, so her boyfriend gets the idea that he will dumb her down a bit with a "bimbo potion". He has emptied the fridge and placed a single beverage in there, to ensure that it gets consumed by the bitch. Once she drinks the tainted juice, it will be only a matter of seconds before that smart-ass bitch becomes a fun-loving, easy-going air head.

Full Video Details:
08 minutes, 46 seconds
Only $8.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind stripped of all intelligent thought after ingesting a bimbo potion.
  • IQ is lowered to the point of having a totally new personality and becoming a bimbo
  • Amused and entertained by things that angered her only moments prior
  • Takes off her clothes because of the heat
  • So dumb, that she is convinced by her boyfriend that his penis is a video game joystick
  • Unknowingly gives her boyfriend a hand job, smiling the entire time (no reals sex, no male nudity)
  • Wants to invite the yard workers in to "play video games" as well
  • Full nude
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