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Brittany Hypnotized

On another one of my "hypnosis quests", I ran into lovely teen Brittany at a local area park. Naturally, her stunning beauty caught my eye and I just HAD to try and hypnotize this girl! Of course, she was resistant to the idea of hypnosis (as so many of them initially are), but with a bit of persistence, she was soon captivated by my every word - ready to obey.

As part of her "conditioning" she is given many submissive mantras to repeat - which she delivers in a sexy, robotic tone. She is also made to sleepwalk through the park while chanting obedient commands given to her previously. Of course a little fun is had with her as well, like making her believe that I am invisible to her, freezing her like a statue, turning her into a frog, making her faint multiple times at the sound of a snapping finger, and more than one lengthy swinging watch induction to deepen her trance further. A little bit more fun is had with her as it gets late and I'm forced to wrap things up til a later time...

Full Video Details:
14 minutes, 21 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Multiple swinging watch inductions (some while she's repeating mantras with arms stretched out)
  • Believes the hypnotist is invisible
  • Sleepwalks while repeating commands
  • Made to faint on command (lots of nice eye fluttering)
  • Turned into a frog
  • Frozen in place and posed as a statue
  • Becomes a ballerina
  • Dirty talk as she lays asleep and entranced
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Standard Quality Version
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