Girls Gone Hypnotized

Brooke Hypnotized

Brooke comes home from work to find that her lazy husband has been playing video games all day and hasn't lifted a finger around the house... again. She's fed up and let's him know it. He begins to swing a watch in front of her eyes, and after some resistance, she falls under his spell.

Hypnotized, Brooke is lead to the couch where she sits and mindlessly chants (very sexily) "yes, master, I am your slave", "I am in your power", and "I will do your bidding". As her husband snaps his fingers, she stands up removes her jacket, and zombie-walks around the room while repeating, "I am in a hypnotic trance". She is then instructed to remove her shoes and repeat more mantras for her master.

Brooke must also do jumping jacks for her master while in a trance, before being deepened by more watch swinging. Then she's laid down on the couch while her master rubs and touches her feet, all the while she's repeating "yes master, control me". She's then made to rub her breasts and chant mantras.

Brooke is also made to believe she's a frog and a robot slave. Next, she's lead down the hall and into the bedroom. Lying on the bed, Brooke prepares herself for her master.

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 02 seconds - including bonus clip at end
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • 2 swinging watch scenes
  • Extensive scenes of chanting and repeating commands
  • Multiple zombie/sleepwalking scenes
  • Frozen and posed on couch
  • 2 foot rubbing scenes
  • Turned into a frog and a robot
  • Made to do jumping jacks
  • Includes a separate 2 minute bonus hypno clip at the end!
Available in:

Standard Quality Version
WMV Format
720 x 480
Total size is 218 MB
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