Girls Gone Hypnotized

Brooke Hypnotized 2

Brooke returns for more hypnotic fun! This download is split into 4 unrelated clips, each one featuring topless hypnotism!

Clip 1: A two minute swinging watch induction. Brooke starts off wearing a pink sweater and watching the watch swing back and forth. As it begins to entrance her, she begins to slowly repeat the word "hypnotized". She then removes her top, exposing her bare breasts, all the while still repeating "hypnotized". As she continues to watch the watch topless, she slowly stretches her arms in front of her and mindlessly repeats "must obey" in a soft, submissive voice. Very erotic!

Clip 2: A man comes to Brooke's house to install cable and finds Brooke wearing very sexy red lingerie. Unable to control himself, the cable guy begins swinging a pocket watch in front of Brooke's curious eyes. Once under his spell, Brooke is instructed to repeat "I am hypnotized" and "I will do your bidding", while in a zombie pose. As she repeats "My mind is yours", Brooke slowly removes the first layer of her lingerie. Mindlessly chanting "you speak and I obey", she begins to zombie-walk around the apartment. She's then ordered to remove her leggings with her ass facing the camera. She is commanded to sit on the couch and pose her bare feet for a while before standing up and removing her top while repeating "Yes master, I hear and obey". With a final snap of the fingers, Brooke walks over to the couch and sits on top of her master. She stretches her arms out in front of her and moves up and down repeating "yes master, I will ride your cock". (No male nudity is shown).

Clip 3: Brooke is reading on the couch when her boyfriend approaches and tries to "get some". Rejected for not being romantic enough, he pulls out a flashing light and places Brooke in a hypnotic trance. Now Hypnotized, Brooke begins repeating "I want to obey". She gets on her knees and chants "I give you control" before standing up, removing her shirt, and repeating "teach me to obey, master" and "make me your slave, master". Next she must rub her bare breasts and chant "I want to make you happy, master". Brooke's trance is then deepened with the flashing lights before following her master to the bedroom in a daze. As she lays on the bed rubbing her chest, her boyfriend again snaps his fingers ordering her to remove her pants as he gets on top of her (shown point-of-view). She of course lets him fuck her. As she is being moved up and down and calling him master, she starts to orgasm. (no male nudity) Very hot scene!

Clip 4: Brooke's boyfriend returns home from work to find her waiting in the bedroom topless with a pair of tight jeans on. Brooke already wants to have sex, but her boyfriend prefers is women under hypnosis. He starts to hypnotize her with a swinging watch much to her confusion. As she's being hypnotized, she removes her jeans to reveal a skimpy pair of lacy red panties. She's made to refer to him as master as she lays on her stomach and bounces her ass up and down for him in a sleepy daze. Finally she rolls on her back, spreading her legs up in the air and says "take me master".

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