Girls Gone Hypnotized

Built for Pleasure 6
props designed and provided by Robotmaster

Rachel thinks she is arriving for an appointment for light therapy relaxation - a new way to rejuvenate body and mind. But when she sits under the light therapy helmet, she discovers that her body is paralyzed. Rachel becomes more and more frightened as the therapist refuses to release her from the chair. Rachel's mind then goes completely blank as it is converted into a computer. Rachel's robotic mind is then filled with programming that she has no choice but to obey. Her personality is removed and she is permanently converted into a robot, complete with silver hair and skin.

Full Video Details:
26 minutes, 56 seconds
Only $13.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind is converted into a computer, and programmed to obey using the Mind Conditioner 3000
  • Repeats back her programming in a monotone
  • Takes on a new, flirty personality as she comes out of the programming chair.
  • Immediately goes back into a mindless state and begins stripping.
  • Reports to the conversion chamber, where she emerges fully converted into a robot, complete with silver skin.
  • Unit walks through the room while repeating its programming.
  • Unit is put into various poses with each snap of the fingers
  • Put into cleaning mode. Unit cleans the counter tops and sweeps the floors.
  • Unit is put back into the Mind Conditioner 3000, where it receives its sexual programming.
  • Comes out of sexual programming with a flirty and aggressive attitude towards it's owner.
  • Calls a girlfriend from it's former life and lures her into a trap to be converted.
  • Full nude

HD Quality Version
WMV Format
1920 x 1080
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MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
Total size is 1.00 GB
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