Girls Gone Hypnotized

Caught in the Act

Selena is hired to clean a man's apartment, but he suspects she's been stealing from him.  One afternoon he waits outside while she's cleaning and witnesses her stealing $40 from him.  When he confronts Selena about the theft, she denies having taken the money and tries to push pass him.  He corners cute little Selena and begins to swing a watch before her eyes.  The hypnotic swing catches her gaze and lulls her into a trance.  Selena is now hypnotized and obedient, and will obey any command given to her.

Full Video Details:
16 minutes, 55 seconds
Only $12.99 

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch inductions (2)
  • Lots of "yes, masters" and mantras repeated
  • Sleepwalking/zombie scenes
  • Made to rub her chest
  • Legs and butt felt up while in a trance
  • Kneeling and worship
  • Snapped out of trance and re-hypnotized
  • Undressed down to panties
  • Virtual simulated HJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)

Available in:

Standard Quality Version
WMV Format
720 x 480
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HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1280 x 720
Total size is 738 MB
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