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Dana in Love

Dana is a school counselor who receives a surprise visit from one of her students while at home. She kindly invites him in her home to talk, but her student has a little more than talking on his mind. When Miss Dana leaves her drink unattended for a moment, her student drops a love potion in it. Dana unwittingly ingests the powerful concoction and begins to fall madly in love (and lust) with her student. She finds herself saying sexual things to him that she would never normally say. She can no longer fight her overwhelming feelings for him and begins to try and seduce her student, even going as far as calling him "master" and promising to become his willing slave if he would only have her.

Full Video Details:
24 minutes, 41 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Falls in love and personality changed after drinking a love potion
  • Begins to say things out of character
  • Changes into a skimpy outfit
  • Takes her top off
  • Begins to call him "master" as a means of seducing him
  • Felt up
  • Kneels before her master and submits to him
  • Desperately tells her student how much she loves him
  • Topless
  • Implied simulated scene - camera on bottom (no real sex, no male nudity)
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