Girls Gone Hypnotized

Denise Mesmerized

Denise is taking a nap after work when she's visited unexpectedly by her neighbor. She wakes up to him holding a magic wand in front of her eyes and she's almost instantly mesmerized by it, putting her into a hypnotic sleep. She's lead out of the bedroom and into the living room while still asleep. Standing with her eyes closed, she chants "Yes master, I am your slave" and "I will obey my master". She's then ordered to remove her top and posed in different ways, all while she's still sleeping.

When the neighbor tries to make her remove her bra though, it goes against her morals and she snaps out of her trance. Luckily he came equipped with his pocket watch so he can place her into an even deeper trance. Watching the watch swing back and forth, she repeats "yes sir, I am in your power", "your wish is my command", and "I have no will of my own". Now her bra seems to come right off with no problem as she stares blankly ahead and rubs her naked breasts. While she rubs her breasts, her neighbor begins swinging the watch before her eyes again as she repeats "yes master, my mind is completely blank".

Next, she is told to remove her skirt and walk with her arms stretched out in front of her repeating "woman must obey her master". She's then made to remove her panties and lay on the couch for more watch swinging, mantra repeating, and chest rubbing. After that, she becomes a naked cat, rubbing herself against furniture. She's also turned into a sleepwalking robot one more time, though this time she's completely naked.

When it's time to wrap things up, her hypnotist neighbor instructs her to kneel before him as he rubs her chest and she chants mantras at the same time. She's made to worship her new master and then lead to the bedroom for more interactive fun (not shown)...

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 00 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Two inductions - magic wand and swinging watch
  • Two separate scenes of zombie/sleepwalking
  • Frozen and posed
  • Breast rubbing scenes, both her and the hypnotist
  • Turned into a cat
  • Repeats command throughout entire video
  • Kneels and worships her master
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720 x 480
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