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Heather Hypnotized 3

Heather is hypnotized by her boyfriend on 3 separate occasions.  The first is when Heather discovers text messages from other girls on his phone.  She angrily calls him downstairs and begins yelling at him.  Heather's boyfriend dangles a pocket watch in front of her face, putting her in a hypnotic trance and programming her to obey.  When she is snapped out of her trance, she returns to her normal self only now, she happily agrees with whatever he tells her to do including calling him "master".  She even takes her top off and walks around the room like a zombie with a smile on her face.   She is made to do erotic stretches for her master as well.  In fact, Heather enjoys being hypnotized so much that she asks him to hypnotize her again, only this time she remains in a trance state while carrying out her master's orders.

The next day, Heather and her boyfriend are watching some tv when she asks him to change the channel.  He puts a spiral dvd on which hypnotizes Heather, making her slowly crawl across the floor towards the tv while stripping off her clothes along the way.  She ends up naked and entranced in front of the tv on her knees while she gives her master some much needed "relief".

The final occasion shows Heather working out to a dvd in a sexy sports bra and shorts.  After watching her move her sexy body to the music, her boyfriend decides to step between her and the tv and hypnotize her with a watch.  She falls into a sleepy trance and removes her clothes for her master.  Naked and obedient, Heather begins to satisfy her master in other ways now...

Full Video Details:
24 minutes, 31 seconds
Only $12.99 

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch inductions (4)
  • Hypnotized by spiral on TV
  • Many sleepwalking/zombie scenes (both in trance and out)
  • Lots of "yes, master" talk and many other different submissive mantras
  • Talks in robotic tone in one segment
  • Erotic stretching
  • Barefoot
  • Topless
  • 2 virtual sex scenes (no male nudity or real sex takes place)
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