Girls Gone Hypnotized

Heavyn's University Hypnosis Study

Heavyn takes part in a university hypnosis study for some extra cash. She doesn't believe she can be hypnotized, but as she tells the hypnotist, she needs the money. She goes into trance after a short while of focusing on the pocket watch and the hypnotist's voice. That's unfortunate for Heavyn, because like the girls before her, she is about to end up completely nude. The study is recorded, but of course, isn't included in the school's files.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Heavyn doesn't believe she will be hypnotized, but she goes into a deep trance after focusing on the pocket watch.
  • She focuses on the watch and repeats the phrases she is given, while her arms are extended in a sleepwalking pose.
  • Made to pull up her top and expose her boobs while remaining in trance.
  • When she is brought out of trance, she apologizes for pulling her shirt up, and is embarrassed by her apparent behavior.
  • Heavyn goes back under and follows the pocket watch as she chants her mantra.
  • Poses with her legs spread and soles of her feet pressed together as she focuses on, and chants, her new mantra.
  • Made to strip off all of her clothes and lay on her back on the couch.
  • Woken up from her trance not realizing that she is naked or hypnotized.
  • Put back into hypnosis with the pocket watch. Focuses on the watch while posed as a zombie, and chanting her mantras.
  • Given the suggetion that she wants to have sex with her master (not shown).
  • Full nude.
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