Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypno Battle 2

Victoria and Rebecca are roommates that just can't seem to get along anymore. Rebecca is nice and sweet, but does things that drive Victoria absolutely crazy, which always leads into a big fight. Rebecca just wants her old friend back, and Victoria just wants Rebecca to stop being so annoying. Separately, both of the girls confide in a male friend who convinces each of them to try and hypnotize the other into becoming the person they want them to be. When the girls confront each other, a "hypno battle" ensues as each girl tries to hypnotize the other with a pocket watch. Both of the girls go into a trance at the same time, which puts them both under the control of their guy friend. Now, just as he'd planned all along, Victoria and Rebecca are both hypnotized and under his control. He has both of the girls become his mindless slaves, but also takes turns waking each one up, and having her think that she was successful in hypnotizing the other. Now to test the limits of their trance...

Full Video Details:
33 minutes, 33 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch induction, each girl hypnotized by the other at the same time
  • Repeat their commands in a sleepy monotone
  • Trained to refer to their friend as "master"
  • Both girls sleepwalk through the room in a trance, repeating their mantras
  • Victoria is brought out of trance thinking that she is not hypnotized
  • Rebecca kneels in obedience before Victoria, repeating anything she is told
  • Victoria turns Rebecca into a dog and a cat
  • Victoria is put back into hypnosis with a pocket watch
  • Victoria sleepwalks through the room while Rebecca sits in a daze
  • Rebecca is woken up and thinks that she hasn't been hypnotized
  • Rebecca makes Victoria agree to her new rental terms
  • Rebecca makes Victoria bring her a coffee
  • Victoria is made to kneel in submission before Rebecca
  • Rebecca makes Victoria twirl like a ballerina
  • Victoria is made to do jumping jacks
  • Victoria is made to believe she is a cat
  • Rebecca is put back into trance and Victoria is woken up
  • Rebecca is made to feed Victoria her water
  • Rebecca is made to braid Victoria's hair
  • Victoria makes Rebecca rub her feet
  • Victoria is put into a hypnotic sleep
  • Rebecca is made to strip nude and sleepwalk through the room while repeating her mantra
  • Victoria is made to change into a sexy skirt and top
  • Rebecca is in a hypnotic sleep while Victoria sleepwalks through the room repeating her mantras
  • Both girls are put into a deep hypnotic sleep and given their final command
  • Victoria - barefoot, no nudity
  • Rebecca - full nude
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