Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypno Revenge 2

Lily suspects that her roommate, Isabella, is seeing her boyfriend behind her back. She tricks Isabella into letting her hypnotize her, and then extracts the truth about their relationship while Isabella is in a trance. Lily's suspicions are confirmed when Isabella admits that is sleeping with her boyfriend Steve. Enraged over the betrayal, Lily makes her hypnotized friend do all sorts of embarrassing things while she records them on her phone and shares them on social media.

Lily soon takes a turn at being a hypnotized slave, however, when Isabella wakes from her trance and turns the tables on her roommate. She holds Lily down and puts her into a trance using the same pocket watch that hypnotized her. Isabella gets her revenge on Lily by making her do degrading things, as well as making her quit her job over the phone.

When Lily comes out of hypnosis and realizes what's happened, the two of them have a "hypno battle", and try desperately to hypnotize each other at the same time. The fight turns out to be a tie, with both girls dropping deep into a hypnotic trance, and left in this highly vulnerable state for their boyfriend Steve to find.

Full Video Details:
37 minutes, 05 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily hypnotizes Isabella with a pocket watch
  • Isabella hypnotizes Lilly with a pocket watch
  • Both girls are hypnotized by each other at the same time
  • Both girls are hypnotized by their boyfriend at the same time
  • Both girls repeat their commands in an empty monotone
  • Both girls respond "yes master" to each other, and later to their boyfriend
  • Each girl takes turns controlling the other
  • Each girl is made to sleepwalk through the room, repeating mantras
  • Isabella is made to exercise and act like a dog
  • Lily tickles Isabella's bare feet with a feather duster
  • Isabella makes Lily smell her own feet and quit her job
  • Both girls are put into a hypnotic sleep by their boyfriend
  • Both girls posed as sleepwalkers and made to repeat mantras
  • Both girls barefoot
  • No nudity

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