Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnosis Fun With Nicole &
Hypno Shorts starring Jordan

This download contains two separate videos! The first is titled "Hypnosis Fun With Nicole". Nicole has found a hypnotist on Craigslist and decided it would be fun to try out. It was... for the hypnotist. She is turned into his obedient servant and made to carry out his ridiculous commands. Once under his power, Nicole must repeat "I am hypnotized and under your control" and "I will obey your every command". She then is given more mantras to repeat as she mindlessly walks in circles like a zombie. There is then a segment where she is frozen in place and posed in different positions, followed by her being turned into a cute little kitten. The hypnotist also seems to have a thing for feet, as he makes her sit on the bench with her arms stretched out in front of her repeating, "Yes master, my feet are under your control" while her rubs her bare feet.

Nicole is also turned into a bird and has her trance deepened multiple times using a swinging watch. There are multiple sleepwalking segments, as well as a scene of her made to believe she is playing tennis and turned into a ballerina. Ultimately, she is lead away to her new master's apartment for some extra fun (unfortunately not shown here). There is a nice bonus clip attatched to the end of the movie which is a separate, independent, short video. Lots of submissive talk and blank stares help make this a video!

The second video is titled "Hypno Shorts starring Jordan". This is a very unique video, as it is 22 minutes comprised of short hypno scenes, all independent from each other!
  1. A lengthy segment of Jordan watching a swinging watch and falling under it's power.
  2. A willing Jordan is hypnotized with a swinging watch and made to take off her top. She rubs her bare breast while repeating various commands in a very robotic voice.
  3. Jordan receives an unexpected visit from her ex, who uses a spinning light contraption to entrance Jordan almost instantly. She becomes very submissive and zombie-walks back to the couch in her bath robe. Once seated she extends her arms and repeats "I do as I am commanded" in a robotic voice as her ex spreads apart her robe and massages her tits.
  4. Jordan is approached while getting out of her car wearing a sexy black dress, and is placed into a trance with the mere wave of a hand. The hypnotist gives her orders, which she repeats back and then carries out without question. Once inside, she removes her clothes at the door, sleepwalks to the couch and rides her master (shown from his perspective - no male nudity) while her arms are stretched out in front of her and repeats "I will fu-- my master", over and over.
  5. Jordan comes down the stairs already naked and wants to have sex with her husband. He rejects her and she becomes angry. She tries to hypnotize him, but ends up hypnotizing herself instead. Once he realizes that she's hypnotized, he makes her clean the apartment in her trance-like state.
  6. Jordan is reading a magazine on the couch and is turned into a robot instantly through the use of a remote control. She quickly stands at attention and carries out different cleaning duties each time a button is pressed. Eventually, she ends up topless and mindlessly sleepwalking through the apartment.
  7. This time, Jordan is hypnotized with the use of a spinning light toy and made to sleepwalk aimlessly while repeating mantras. She is instructed to pass out at the snap of a finger (with extended eye rolling each time). While asleep, her feet and bare tits are played with. More zombie walking with her top pulled down.
Full Video Details:
Hypnosis Fun With Nicole: 14 minutes, 55 seconds
Hypno Shorts starring Jordan: 21 minutes, 57 seconds
Total length is: 36 minutes, 52 seconds
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