Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnotized Landlord

What do you do if your landlord comes over demanding past due rent when you don't have enough money to pay her? Well, if she's smokin' hot as was in my case, you hypnotize her of course! It certainly didn't hurt that she is a bit on the ditsy side too.

After inviting her in and having her take a seat on the couch while I "grabbed the rent check", I successfully placed her into a hypnotic trance and had her carry out various commands. First, I have her remove her shoes so I can play with her soft, lotioned, bare feet. When I become tired of that, it's time to have her remove her shirt and bra and make her march around the room topless like a zombie. Of course, that only lasts for so long before I have her just remove every piece of clothing and become a completely naked, mindless, zombie slave. I freeze her in place like a doll and position her naked body in different ways. I love to see my zombie slaves humiliated, so I make her believe she's a cat and crawl around on all fours to get a better look at our pussy's kitty.

Before it's time to wake her up, I HAVE to run my hands up and down her sweet, young body (of course, she's mindlessly chanting the whole time). While she's lying naked on my couch, I swing the watch in front of her empty eyes once more to make sure she doesn't leave my apartment with any memory of what's transpired, and to make sure she accepts my "rent payment". I think I just may pay my rent late again next month!

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Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 1 second
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Two swinging pocket watch scenes
  • Undressing while hypnotized
  • Mindless chanting and mantras throughout video
  • Nude zombie-walking
  • Freezing and posing scenes
  • Believes that she's a cat
  • Touched while lying hypnotized on the couch
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