Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnotizing Amanda
Interactive DVD

Don't just watch Amanda get hypnotized and controlled - now you can choose when and what your hypnotized slave does in this interactive DVD.  Choose to start the story in 2 separate ways, and then order helpless Amanda to carry out any of 24 commands while she stands hypnotized and obedient to her master - you!  Simply use your DVD remote (or DVD player controls on your PC or Mac) to select what your hypnotized slave will do next.  Make Amanda get down on her knees and worship you as her master, or crawl around on all fours like a dog.  Maybe you feel that she needs to deepen her trance by focusing on your swinging pocket watch, or have her strip off her clothes and turn into a ballerina.  Multiple story choices will keep you busy for quite some time.

DVD is comprised of 26 different scenes.
Contains a total of 38 minutes, 37 seconds of unique footage.
DVD arrives unmarked for your privacy.

Standard Quality DVD
DVD Format
Total runtime of 38 minutes, 37 seconds
720 x 480
This product is physical and cannot be downloaded.  It can only be purchased upon special request by use of our DVD page below.
Only $14.99!
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Choose to hypnotize Amanada with a swinging watch at various points through the video
  • Lots of "yes, master" talk and mantras repeated
  • Choose to make Amanda sleepwalk and repeat mantras, kneel and worship you, become a cat or a dog, a ballerina, and more!
  • Snap Amanda out of her trance and decide how to "handle the situation"
  • Virtual simulated scenes (no real sex, no male nudity)
  • Fully undressed
  • 2 alternate intros and 4 possible endings, with 1 hidden ending - can you find it?
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