Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnotizing Dana

Dana has been on a few dates with a man she recently met, and this time things didn't end well. They have a big fight on the way back from lunch and Dana tells him he never wants to see him again. But he's not ready to call things off just yet. He pulls to the side of the road and shows Dana his beautiful pocket watch. Dana thinks he's nuts at first, but then falls under it's hypnotic spell. Dana is a mindless drone ready to be controlled. She obeys her master's every command, and finishes the lovely date they were on.

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12 minutes, 40 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Dana is hypnotized with a pocket watch.
  • A spiral is overlayed on Dana's face as she sinks helplessly into trance.
  • Must answer "yes master" when obeying commands.
  • Dana repeats back the commands her master gives her.
  • Must tell her master what a wonderful man he is and how she'd be happy to cook and clean for him.
  • Dana is brought out of trance and back to normal, no knowing she's been hypnotized.
  • Frozen and unfrozen a few times.
  • Dana is made to call her best friend and tell him about the new amazing man she just met, and how she's moving in with him. Her friend tries to caution Dana, but she will hear none of it.
  • Dana is made to expose her bare tits and present herself for her master's inspection.
  • Dana is made to sleepwalk to their date at the park.
  • After the date Dana gives her master a handjob in the car. (simulated - no real sex or male nudity)
  • Topless nudity.
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Hypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing DanaHypnotizing Dana

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