Girls Gone Hypnotized

Jayci Goes Deep

Jayci is not very supportive of her boyfriend taking hypnosis classes. She mocks him and tells him what a waste of time and money it is. Jayci doesn't realize that he's been hypnotizing her for weeks now, and she's even been obeying his post hypnotic commands, such as wearing the high purple socks he likes. But today her boyfriend makes a new achievement - he takes her so deep that purple and white spirals can actually be seen swirling in her eyes. This time she is so helplessly controlled that she even begins to call her boyfriend "master". She proclaims that he is a master hypnotist, and mindlessly follows his every command.

Full Video Details:
10 minutes, 19 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Gets hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch
  • So deeply hypnotized, spirals spin in her eyes
  • Repeats her programming in a sleepy monotone
  • Made to refer to her boyfriend as "master"
  • Commanded to sleepwalk through the room repeating her mantras
  • Brought out of trance, not realizing that she's been hypnotized; gets upset at her boyfriend for wasting her time
  • Snapped back into trance; a smile comes to her face as the spirals begin to spin in her eyes
  • Socked feet are closely inspected
  • Removes her dress and bra, then sleepwalks through the room topless while repeating her mantra
  • Stands entranced with spirals in her eyes as she tells him that he is a master hypnotist and that she is "very very deep"
  • While remaining in trance, she is made to place her feet in her master's lap; he slowly removes her purple socks and inspects her bare feet
  • Spirals spin in her eyes as she tells him that she desires only to please him with her feet
  • A total of 7 spiral shots
  • Topless, nude down to panties
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