Girls Gone Hypnotized

Jenna Brainwashed by the Glasses

Jenna is visiting and chatting with a friend who wants to have some harmless fun with a pair of "mind control glasses" he recently purchased. Mainly, he wants to test them out and see if they really work, and upon placing them over Jenna's eyes, he discovers that they really do! After a moment of shock, Jenna drifts into a blissful trance and happily obeys any command she's given. Jenna is so deeply controlled, that even when the glasses are removed, red spirals spin in her eyes as she continues to follow and obey anything her master says.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 18 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a pair of mind-control glasses
  • So deeply controlled, red and white spirals spin in her eyes when the glasses are lifted (4 separate times)
  • Has a smile on her face the entire time she is under the control of the glasses
  • Must refer to her controller as "master"
  • Made to sleepwalk through the room repeating her mantras (2 separate times)
  • Stands at attention and repeats the phrases she is given
  • Made to believe she is a ballerina (2 separate times)
  • Made to believe she is a puppet controlled by imaginary strings
  • Made to change into a second outfit
  • Sits in a trance and repeats her mantra with a smile on her face
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity

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