Girls Gone Hypnotized

Jess Hypnotized

Sweet little Jess has been studying hypnosis to help her boyfriend quit smoking. It turns out that her boyfriend makes a better hypnotist than she does. After her failed attempt at hypnosis, her boyfriend shows her how it's done. With her under his complete control, he has her do all sorts of embarrassing things from barking like a dog to becoming a mannequin and a robot. He also takes this opportunity to make her pledge her obedience to him.

Full Video Details:
9 minutes, 29 seconds
Only $8.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch induction
  • Made to repeat mantras such as "I am deeply hypnotized", "you are my master", "I am your robot slave", "I am in your power", and many more in a nice monotone voice!
  • Frozen and turned into a pose-able mannequin
  • Ordered to do jumping jacks while we watch her amazing chest bounce
  • Turned into a dog and a crow
  • Sleepwalking / zombie scenes
  • Made to repeat mantras while watching the swinging watch
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