Girls Gone Hypnotized

Jetta the Sleepwalking Slave

Jetta and her boyfriend are out enjoying a walk through the park when Jetta happens upon an odd pocketwatch laying on the ground. She picks it up and begins playing with it, pretending to try and hypnotize her boyfriend, when suddenly she gets the idea that she'd like him to try and hypnotize her with it - for real.

Her boyfriend agrees and as it turns out, he's not a bad hypnotist at all! Amazed at his own abilities, he decides he can't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass with out having some fun. He takes advantage of the situation by satisfying his foot fetish desires (that she otherwise finds so strange) and putting her through various tests and routines to deepen his control over her and bend her completely to his perverted will. By the time their walk in the park is over, Jetta will become his mindless sleepwalking slave.

Full Download Details:
19 minutes, 07 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Features 3 different swinging watch scenes (one with some nice eye fluttering)
  • Includes foot fetish segments
  • Many sleepwalking/zombie scenes, both eyes open and eyes closed
  • Frozen and posed
  • Turns into a cat while repeating "I am your hypnotized pussy"
  • Turned into a ballerina
  • Believes she is hula-hooping
  • Her ass and tits are felt up while she stands mindlessly in a trance
  • Believes she's playing volleyball
  • Repeating of MANY different mantras and commands such as, "I am your slave, you are my master" and "I am hypnotized and in your control" in a sexy hypnotized voice
  • Lots of "yes masters"
  • Made to lay down in the car while she is groped in a trance
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