Girls Gone Hypnotized

Keeping Her Compliant

Jasmin's rude behavior and disrespectful attitude will no longer be tolerated by her husband. He has carefully planned out a training session for the afternoon with his wife, to get her back on track and keep her submissive.

Phase one begins with a video call, where Jasmin is slowly talked into a hypnotic trance using a spiral for eye fixation. Jasmin fights, but eventually goes under her husband's hypnosis, ready to listen and obey. When her husband arrives home, Jasmin's obedience training continues with the aid of a spinning, hypnotic pattern. The hypnotized wife is made to believe she is no longer a human, but an obedient robot ready to be programmed. The final piece of her conditioning involves software being installed into her now robotic mind, through the use of a "programming booth".

After Jasmin's thorough brainwashing, she will be incapable of disobeying any of her husbands commands in the foreseeable future.

Full Video Details:
22 minutes, 52 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a spiral through her phone, and conditioned by her husband's voice
  • Lots of "yes masters" and  commands repeated
  • Kneels and awaits her master's arrival
  • Looked over and inspected
  • Walks through the room as a sleepwalker repeating her mantras
  • Made to change into a short, sexy dress
  • Snapped out of, and back into trance
  • Frozen and posed
  • Made to focus on a hypnotic pattern as she is brainwashed into becoming a robot
  • Repeats her programming
  • Placed into a "programming booth" where software is installed into her robotic mind
  • Programming repeated through her software installation process
  • Performs diagnostics and tests her joint mobility
  • Robot wife Jasmin is created and ready for use!
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