Girls Gone Hypnotized

Knock Yourself Out

When Brittany's friend asks if she will knock herself out for him, she of course refuses.  This was to be expected though, so he does the job for her and sends her to sleep on the floor with a bonk on the head.  While she's unconscious, he picks her up and props her on the couch as he prepares a hypnotic spiral on the television which entrances her and makes her obey his commands.  After she's been programmed, she is snapped out of the trance, unaware that she's been hypnotized, but still carries out all of her friend's commands without question.  She is told to knock herself out, which she now gladly does.  Each time she's out, she's manipulated and touched.  Ultimately, she is told to ride her friend, and she obeys without hesitation, unaware that she's still under his hypnotic control.  Once he's had enough of her, he puts her back to sleep with another nice little crack on the head and goes about the rest of his day.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 28 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by spiral
  • Many "yes, masters"
  • Mantras repeated
  • Knocked out with club (4)
  • Dragged and carried (2)
  • Eye checks
  • Manipulated, shirt removed
  • Does not know she is hypnotized
  • Barefoot
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