Girls Gone Hypnotized

Koa Hypnotized

This video was made as a custom for an individual.  It does exhibit a personal tone to it.

Koa has broken up with her boyfriend, Cody, but he isn't going to give up that easily.  He pays Koa a visit one afternoon and asks if he can come in to talk.  Koa is annoyed, but agrees to let him speak if it will get him out of her hair. When he gets inside her apartment, he begins to swing a pocket watch in front of her eyes, slowly putting Koa into a hypnotic trance.  Now it's time to give Koa a little attitude adjustment and make her his slave forever.

Full Video Details:
14 minutes, 03 seconds
Only $10.99 

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch inductions (2)
  • Many "Yes, masters" and mantras repeated
  • Kneeling and worshiping
  • Koa is forced to break plans with friends and quit her job so that she can spend time with her boyfriend
  • Snap in/out of trance
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