Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lily's Live Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Lily's first time being hypnotized with the hypnotist live and present in the room with her. The entire session was captured from one single camera. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Lily is being hypnotized, with the hypnotist live and present in the room, for her first time. She is working again with our hypnotist, RHLOVER, and this will be their ninth time together. The entire session is recorded from one single camera, however, this time I only serve as the cameraman and leave the shoot in the hands of RHLOVER. Lily is first guided down into trance by the hypnotist, through visualization and relaxation techniques. Lily goes deeper than I've ever seen her go, largely due to the fact that the hypnotist can apply physical touch, and of course Lily has had much practice up to this point. We get some really powerful reactions from Lily this time, in particular a laughing gas suggestion and a suggestion where Lily believes that she has just drank vodka. Because of a personal experience with vodka in Lily's life, this actually creates a bad reaction and Lily begins to cry. In retrospect, I should have kept filming, but at that point, my instincts told me to stop recording because Lily is a close friend of mine and I genuinely felt concerned for her. But off camera, the hypnotist addresses the issue and we continue on in a positive direction. Lily's reactions in general are all pretty intense, even during the pocket watch deepening, where I could clearly see Lily dropping deeper that she typically does.  A full list of all suggestions used, and further details about the shoot, can be found directly below the description.

After the session, all hypnotic triggers are removed, and Lily is brought completely out of hypnosis, and feeling great. This was a great shoot and a true testament to the power of what hypnosis can actually do.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Pre-induction talk
  • Closes her eyes and is taken into a deep trance by the hypnotist's voice and through visualization
  • Given a sleep trigger that returns her to trance at any time when she hears the word "sleep"
  • Made to feel a surge of pride, joy, and pleasure when she hears the phrase "good girl"
  • Made to feel as if her hand is stuck to her knee; unable to move it
  • Put back to sleep when her hand touches her face
  • Made to feel as if 100 helium balloons are tied to each of her wrists
  • Made to feel as if she's breathing in laughing gas; uncontrollable laughter as she tries to have a serious conversation
  • Made to feel itchy every time she is shot with a toy gun; becomes angry as it continues
  • Dropped even deeper while looking at a pocket watch; struggling to keep her eyes open
  • Whenever a hand is placed on her shoulder, her eyes roll back and she believes anything she is told
  • Made to believe her name is Chuck; gets upset if she is called anything other than "Chuck"
  • Made to feel blank, submissive, and obedient
  • Puts on a costume for the second half of the session
  • Made to feel as if the water she just drank was actually straight vodka; due to an experience she had when she was younger, Lily starts crying and we need to stop for a bit
  • Made to think that she is an 8 year old, spoiled little girl on her birthday
  • Made to model her new costume in various poses
  • Believes that she is a robot programmed to obey and please
  • Made to refer to the hypnotist as her "master"
  • Ordered to bring her master cookies
  • Ordered to walk back and forth with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating her programming; stops in place when her battery is drained empty
  • Believes that she is an adorable little puppy; bites at the hypnotist and is taught to sit and roll over
  • Made to forget how to tie her shoe
  • Kneels before her master in obedience
  • Triggers removed, brought out of hypnosis completely
  • No nudity
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