Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lily's University Hypnosis Study

Lily signs up for a hypnosis study at her college to make some extra money. She doesn't believe she can be hypnotized, but as it turns out, Lily is an excellent subject. She is such a good subject that doesn't even know that she is hypnotized. Lily is made to do a number of things against her will, both while in trance and awake.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily thinks she's unable to be hypnotized, but she goes deep into hypnosis after focusing on a pocket watch.
  • She lays in a trance and repeats back the hypnotist's commands.
  • Lily's arms raise out in front of her like a zombie and she continues to repeat her programming in her sleep.
  • Lily sits in an eyes-open trance and chants her mantra.
  • Lily is brought out of trance and doesn't know that she is hypnotized.
  • Put back into trance immediately and begins chanting her mantra while in a sleepwalking pose.
  • Lily is made to act like a puppy. She's snapped awake and very confused to find herself out of breath.
  • Put back under using the pocket watch. Posed as a sleepwalker as she focuses on the watch.
  • Made to sleepwalk back and forth, showing off her legs and feet.
  • Remaining in a trance, Lily sits up straight and chants the phrase "I am hypnotized".
  • Lily is made to show off her feet and point them towards the camera while focusing on the watch and chanting her mantras.
  • Made to act like an airhead.
  • Made to feel attracted to the hypnotist.
  • Lily is made to become obsessed with her body and how beautiful she is.
  • Made to turn her back to the camera and slowly wiggle her butt while chanting mantras.
  • Snapped awake and this time feels like she's being taken advantage of. She tries to leave, but is put back into trance and made to remove her clothes. (implied, not shown on-camera)
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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