Girls Gone Hypnotized

Love Darts

Victoria is being sexually harassed by her dad's lazy house guest who has long overstayed his welcome, at least in her eye's. She has rejected every single one of his sexual advances and has even called for his removal from her home, but her dad thinks she has an over active imagination. After a heated debate with her father over the phone, the slob comes home, this time with a new toy. Victoria laughs at the seemingly useless dart gun, but quickly has a change of heart after being shot in the butt with one of it's magical darts. The dart releases a chemical into Victoria's system, making her fall in love with the lazy slob and suddenly begin urging her father to let him stay with them indefinitely. Victoria takes on a new loving and hospitable attitude towards her house guest.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 11 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Falls in love and personality changed after being shot with a love dart (2)
  • Thanks him for noticing her legs and feet
  • Serves him beers as she models her outfit for him
  • Becomes jealous when another girl calls him and tells her to leave him alone
  • Calls her father and confesses that she was wrong about him
  • Asks him to rub her legs and feel how soft they are
  • Rubs his shoulders and kisses his lips
  • Effects of dart begin to wear off so she is shot with another dose
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