Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lucy Entranced by the Music

Lucy is put under a spell by hypnotic music from a magic flute. As her boyfriend plays the special melody, Lucy's eyes cross and roll as she falls completely under his power, unable to resist his commands. She is now his hypnotized slave and will mindlessly obey. Lucy is repeatedly put under the control of the music as she eventually strips nude and pledges her obedience to her master.

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 12 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Charmed and hypnotized by music from a magic flute
  • Sways while her eyes roll anytime she hears the music
  • Repeats mantras and answers, "yes master" throughout
  • Sleepwalks through the room repeating mantras
  • Sits down and is slowly put to sleep by the music, with her eyes crossed
  • Her sleeping body is played with and felt up
  • Wakes up, removes her top, and then slowly passes out again
  • Bare chest is felt up in her sleep
  • Sits at attention and repeats her mantras
  • Made to strip down to her panties and poses as a sleepwalker, randomly repeating mantras, when the music is played
  • Remains posed as a sleepwalker while her tits are felt up
  • Again sleepwalks through the room chanting a mantra
  • Made to remove her panties
  • Slowly put to sleep by the hypnotic music
  • Repeats mantras in her sleep while being felt up
  • Obeys her master and leads him to the bedroom
  • Full nude

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