Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lucy's University Hypnosis Study

Lucy takes part in a university hypnosis study for some extra cash. As she tells the hypnotist, she's been hypnotized before as part of a Vegas stage show. She goes under easily when she is shown the pocket watch, thanks to her experience in the stage show. Luckily Lucy goes very deep so she won't remember what happened to her during the study, because her hypnotist goes off the script and decides to do something a little more sexual and erotic. Hopefully the university doesn't find out...

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lucy drops deep when shown a pocket watch. Her previous experience of being hypnotized with a watch makes it easy for her to go under.
  • She focuses on the watch and repeats the mantra she is given, while her arms are extended in a sleepwalking pose.
  • Lucy is brought out of trance and doesn't know that she is hypnotized.
  • Put back into trance and made to rub her breasts while she is programmed to be attracted to the hypnotist.
  • When she is brought out of trace, she still doesn't realize that she is hypnotized, but she starts acting on the suggestion that she's attracted to the hypnotist.
  • Removes her top and bra to try and seduce the hypnotist.
  • Snapped back into a trance. Poses as a sleepwalker and chants her mantra.
  • When Lucy talks about being made to act like a chicken during her stage show, the hypnotist makes her act like a chicken for him.
  • Lucy comes out of trance and tells him there is no way she would act like a chicken in front of him.
  • Lucy is made to believe she is a nudist. She takes off all of her clothes and talks about how great it is to be naked all of the time, and how much she loves her body.
  • Lucy loves to touch her body and have her body touched by others. Bare chest felt up by the hypnotist.
  • Lucy is shown the pocket watch and goes back into a trance. She poses like a sleepwalker and repeats her mantra while focusing on the watch.
  • Lucy doesn't know that she's been hypnotized or that she's naked, and she leaves the study without putting her clothes back on.
  • Full nude.
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