Girls Gone Hypnotized

Mandy Mind Controlled

Mandy is meeting a man from her dating app. This is the first time she's seeing him in person and she can't wait. But when he arrives, she sees he looks nothing like his pictures and she gets really upset. After she storms off, he shoots Mandy with a mind control ray. She freezes in her tracks unable to move. Mandy is stiff and poseable while frozen and has no memory of what has happened when unfrozen. The gun also has a mindless obedience setting, which he uses to turn Mandy into his zombie slave and follow him to his car. She is made to present her bare feet to him and wear a slave collar. She chants her mantras and refers to him as "master". When Mandy is released from her trance, she is made to desperately beg her master for sex.

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22 minutes, 37 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mandy is frozen with the mind control ray. Her body is stiff and poseable, and she has no memory of what's happened while frozen.
  • Frozen and unfrozen multiple times. Begs to be let go.
  • Setting on the gun is changed to "mindless obedience". Mandy is put into a trance. Her eyes roll up as she chants her mantra over and over.
  • Lead to her master's vehicle in a sleepwalking pose.
  • Once in the car, Mandy is made to remove her heels and present her bare feet to her master for inspection. She repeats her mantra while he rubs her feet.
  • Must pose as a sleepwalker while she rubs her feet in her master's lap.
  • Made to wear a leash and collar, and refer to herself as a slave.
  • Mandy's eyes roll up as she repeats "I am your hypnotized fuck-toy" over and over.
  • Frozen and posed in the car.
  • Brought out of trance and made to beg her master for sex.
  • No nudity.
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