Girls Gone Hypnotized

Mickee Lured Away

Mickee is stalked while taking a walk through a wooded park. After watching her movements for a while, the man confronts Mickee and swings a pocket watch before her eyes. The hypnotic movement of the watch puts Mickee into a trance, and she becomes the man's mindless slave with no choice but to obey his commands. She sleepwalks through the woods to the man's car, where she is driven to another, private location. There she is commanded to strip naked and serve her master sexually. When the man is finished with Mickee, he drops her off where he found her, left with no memory of what just took place.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 45 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized using a pocket watch
  • Sleepwalks through the trail while repeating her mantra
  • Refers to the stalker as "master"
  • Sits in a trance while repeating back her programming
  • Remains in a trance while she is driven to a separate location
  • Made to move into the back seat once they reach a private location
  • Made to strip nude and pose as a sleepwalker
  • Her master takes picture of her while nude and entranced
  • Virtual simulated HJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)
  • Memory is erased and she is released back where she was found
  • Full nude
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768 x 432
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HD Quality Version
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1280 x 720
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