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My New Robot Slave

While Chris is sleeping on the couch, her roommate sneaks across the floor and places a mind-controlling ring on her finger.  The moment it's activated, she snaps awake and her mind goes into a robotic mode where she obeys every command given to her.  Her roommate uses this opportunity to indulge himself in his foot fetish as he removes her socks and gets nice and close to her bare feet.

He has her carry out such tasks as dusting and taking out the trash, all the while moving mechanically and speaking in a robotic tone.  The ring is deactivated at one point just to see her confused reaction to what is going on.  Robot Chris is forced to strip down to her bra and panties and carry out all of her masters wishes.

A separate segment is included which focuses on a swinging watch induction and her repetition of mindless mantras.

Full Video Details:
08 minutes, 52 seconds
Only $8.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind-controlled with magic ring
  • Swinging watch induction
  • Turned into a robot
  • Robot-walking scenes
  • Lots of "yes, master" talk and other various mantras chanted
  • Made to clean
  • Barefoot/foot fetish
  • Bra and panties
Available in:

Standard Quality Version
WMV Format
720 x 480
Total size is 139 MB
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HD Quality Version

MP4 Format
1280 x 720
Total size is 380 MB
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