Girls Gone Hypnotized

Naomi St. Claire Hypnotized

Bitchy wife Naomi confronts her husband about the large amounts of money he's been spending on porn. Tired of her constant nagging, her husband has decided that Naomi needs a change of attitude. He holds a beautiful crystal up to his wife's eyes, and almost instantly, she becomes hypnotized by it. Her bitching comes to a stop as she gazes at the crystal intensely. Her mind is calm, blank, and empty. She now hears nothing but the sound of her master's voice, and will serve him mindlessly in any way that he commands.

Full Video Details:
16 minutes, 38 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a beautiful swinging crystal
  • Repeats her programming during the induction
  • Trained to reply "yes master" when given a command
  • Conditioned to be obedient and submissive
  • Stands posed as a sleepwalker while repeating mantras
  • Put to sleep standing up and pushed back onto the couch
  • Repeats commands in her sleep
  • Made to change into a dress
  • Stands entranced while looked over
  • Made to sleepwalk through the room repeating her mantras
  • Snapped in and out of trance several times while sleepwalking
  • Hypnotized with the crystal for a second time
  • Made to remove her clothes and continue sleepwalking
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep standing, while felt up by her master
  • Virtual simulated HJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)
  • Full nude
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Standard Quality Version
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768 x 432
Total size is 359 MB
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HD Quality Version
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1280 x 720
Total size is 633 MB
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