Girls Gone Hypnotized

Natalia Obeys

The nature of the mind control in this video is through "force powers".  There is no hypnosis through eye fixation.

When Natalia confronts the father of a boy who is bullying her son, she is put under his hypnotic control through magic powers. Natalia is completely and helplessly mind controlled, and must obey her master's commands. Not only can he control her mind and her thoughts, but he can also manipulate Natalia's body movements through telekinesis. Natalia is turned into his mindless sex slave.

Full Video Details:
16 minutes, 29 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind and body controlled through magical hand gestures
  • Carries out her commands in a mindless state of obedience
  • Must answer "yes master" when given a command
  • Made to chant mantras and repeat phrases throughout
  • Body and limbs are manipulated through telekinesis
  • Put to sleep and waken up through magic powers
  • Made to sleepwalk through the room as she chants her mantras
  • Made to clean her master's home
  • Made to kneel and worship her master
  • Bare chest is felt up by her master throughout
  • Woken out of trance and re-hypnotized
  • Virtual simulated blow job scene ( no real sex, no male nudity)
  • Full nude
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