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Natasha Ty Converted

Natasha Ty has been hypnotized into being the perfect girlfriend. She loves and obeys her master without realizing that she's actually under his hypnotic control. But today her master has decided to give her a more permanent transformation, and convert her mind into a computer, making her think and behave as a robot. Natasha is brainwashed using a mind control helmet and all of her thoughts and personality are completely removed. Programs are installed into her now electronic mind, and she now identifies herself as a unit. Robot Natasha has no will of her own and will execute any command perfectly.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 47 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Quickly made docile and obedient by being shown a pocket watch
  • Refers to her controller as "master" and "owner"
  • Converted into a robot under a mind control helmet
  • Repeats her instructions during programming
  • Made to dress in a service uniform after conversion
  • Must walk through the room while repeating her programming
  • Made to stand at attention before her owner, remove her clothes and repeat her programming
  • Briefly examined before being put into service mode, and leading her owner to his bedroom
  • Full nude
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768 x 432
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HD Quality Version
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1280 x 720
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