Girls Gone Hypnotized

Nerd Girl Will Obey &
Rene the Obedient Slave

This download contains 2 separate videos!

Nerd Girl Will Obey. Rene is back, this time as a nerd girl going door to door seeking donations for the animal shelter. She's told she will get a donation if she agrees to undergo a hypnosis experiment. Of course, she agrees and is placed into a trance. She is made to repeat commands such as "The watch controls my mind" and "nerd girl will obey". She's made to believe she is a frog as she hops around the room ribbiting. She is then snapped out of her trance and freaks out and runs out of the apartment. She is quickly detained outside and once again hypnotized. This time the trance appears to be more permanent.

There is a nice extended foot fetish scene as well as a shower scene (no nudity, but she's made to get in the shower with her clothes still on). After the shower, the hypnotist has Rene put on a sexier outfit from his wife's wardrobe. Rene goes from nerd to hot girl now as she's instructed to repeat plenty of mantras and plenty of sleepwalking. Of course, no better way to end the day than with Rene hypnotized and compliant as she lies on her master's bed begging for him to join her.

Rene the Obedient Slave. Rene is rudely woken up from her nap and hypnotized by her husband. She's led out into the living room chanting "I hear and I obey". She is then sat down on the couch and given the pocket watch to swing before her own eyes as she repeats "I am your obedient slave", all the while her husband is playing with her feet. Rene looks very sexy in her low-cut tee shirt and short jean shorts as she's turned into a chicken and made to cluck around the room. Next she's ordered to sleepwalk around the living room repeating "you command and I obey" for an extended amount of time (with lots of shots of her feet too).  Rene is also told to remove her bra under her shirt (no nudity) and rub her chest. She's laid on the floor as her master rubs her legs and ass.

Full Video Details:
26 minutes, 20 seconds (2 videos, roughly 14 minutes long each)
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Key highlights of video include:
  • 2 separate videos
  • Swinging watch inductions (4)
  • Zombie/sleepwalking scenes
  • "Yes masters" and mantra chanting
  • Nerd girl hypnotized to be hot
  • Extended foot fetish scenes and close-ups
  • Made to act like 2 different animal
  • Made to worship her master on her knees
  • Ordered to vacuum the carpet in a sexy skirt
  • Freezing and posing scenes (2)
  • Commanded to do jumping jacks
  • Made to take off her bra under her tee shirt
  • Made to get in the shower with her clothes on and then snapped out of trance
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720 x 480
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