Girls Gone Hypnotized

No Self Control 2

Erin really needs her new prescription eye glasses before they're due to arrive so she visits her doctor who's agreed to give her an alternate pair until her order arrives. The good doctor normally doesn't like to work from home, but for an attractive woman he plans on making his slave, he'll make an exception. Erin is given a pair of "special" glasses to wear, ones that transmit electric pulses into her brain making her body completely receptive to the control of others. Whatever Erin is told, she must do. Erin's mind remains alert and aware of her surroundings, so of course she objects to every command along the way. As much as Erin cries, begs, and pleads with the doctor, she must still do and say whatever her master commands of her.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 08 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Body is controlled by a pair of special glasses, while her mind remains aware
  • Lots of "yes masters" and mantras spoken against her will
  • Complains and begs to be let go throughout
  • Made to walk through the room posed as a sleepwalker while trying to fight the doctor's control over her
  • Posed as a mannequin
  • Made to remove her top and bra
  • Mouth is sealed shut and unable to speak
  • Again made to walk through the room against her will
  • Made to remove her pants
  • Forced sit down while her bare feet are inspected
  • Put to sleep
  • Ordered up to the bedroom while trying to fight the control over her
  • Topless - nude down to panties

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