Girls Gone Hypnotized

Olivia's University Hypnosis Study

Olivia volunteers for a hypnosis study at her college. She explains to the hypnotist that she saw a show at a fair once, and believes that hypnosis is largely fake, but she's willing to try for herself. It takes the hypnotist little time putting Olivia in a trance, and once he has her under, she's made to do things of the sexual variety, and has no idea she is doing them.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Olivia shares that she saw a hypnosis show at the fair once, but thought it was fake. She wants to see for herself if it is real or now.
  • Olivia goes under hypnosis after focusing her attention on a pocket watch.
  • While in a hypnotic sleep, she repeats back the hypnotist's instructions.
  • She is ordered to refer to him as "master".
  • Woken out of trance, and doesn't believe that she was hypnotized.
  • Snapped back into a trance. With her eyes rolled up, Olivia repeats her mantras.
  • Olivia's shirt is pulled up and her bare chest is groped while her eyes roll up.
  • When she is woken up, she still doesn't know that she is hypnotized. Olivia isn't aware that her shirt is exposing her tits.
  • Put back into a trance using the pocket watch.
  • Takes off her pants while being hypnotized by the pocket watch.
  • Continues to be groped while in a trance.
  • Olivia is made to act like a cat. When she is woken up, the hypnotist shows her a video of her acting like a cat as proff that she is hypnotized.
  • Olivia is made to rub her master's dick while under hypnosis. She is woken up by him during, and becomes upset.
  • Made to remove her top and massage her own breasts while chanting mantras.
  • Sits in a trance with her legs spread while her master feels up her body.
  • Implied sex scene - fucked from behind. (no real sex or male nudity).
  • Put to sleep after being fucked.
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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