Girls Gone Hypnotized

Personality Altering Chip &
Victoria's University Hypnosis Study

This collection of two previously released videos is conveniently packaged together as one whole file, and at $9.99 off the original price.

Personality Altering Chip:

One of Victoria's friends is getting tired of the way she treats him. She knows she's hot, and thinks she can get away with saying just about anything to him. She's rude and dismissive to him, and doesn't even act like she wants him around. But all of that changes when he places a personality-altering chip on her neck. Her mind goes blank and then adopts any personality he wants her to have. He tests out several new personalities on her before settling on something he likes.

Victoria's University Hypnosis Study:

Victoria takes part in a hypnosis study at her university. The hypnotist finds that Victoria is an excellent subject and he can push the erotic boundaries with her a bit. She goes so deep, she can't remember what she was doing while in trance, but she confesses to him that she really likes not having to think for herself. Victoria is instructed to call him "master" while she's in trance, and she's even made to shake her ass for him while completely unaware.

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29 minutes, 28 seconds
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Personality Altering Chip
Victoria's University Hypnosis Study

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