Girls Gone Hypnotized

Rachel Hypnotized

Rachel has been studying up on hypnosis and thinks she can hypnotize her husband.  After her failed attempt, she gives him the watch and asks him to try and hypnotize her.  It turns out that she is very suseptible to hypnosis and she goes under nicely.  While she's in a trance, her husband takes advantage of her by making her change into different sexy outfits and follow his every command.  He performs many "tests" to make sure his hypnotized slave is really under his complete control.

Full Video Details:
21 minutes, 26 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch inductions
  • Zombie/sleepwalking scenes
  • Many "yes, masters" and other various mantras delivered in a  sexy, hypnotized voice
  • Frozen and posed
  • Made to clean
  • Stiff and rigid on couch
  • Turned into animals briefly: sheep and chicken
  • Barefoot
  • Topless
  • Fondled while in trance
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720 x 480
WMV format
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HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1280 x 720
Total size is 939 MB
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