Girls Gone Hypnotized

Rebecca Enthralled

Rebecca answers the door to find a strange man dressed as a vampire. He tells her that he wishes for her to become his new vampire assistant, but she laughs it off, thinking the man is insane. Quickly though, her gaze becomes locked on the vampire's eyes, and Rebecca falls helplessly under his control. Rebecca is under the thrall of the vampire lord and mindlessly offers her neck to be bitten by her master, making her his slave for eternity.

Full Video Details:
10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Entranced by vampire's (camera) gaze
  • Refers to the vampire as "master"
  • Mindlessly allows her master inside
  • Stands helplessly in a trance and professes her obedience to her master
  • Made to sleepwalk while repeating her mantra
  • Sits in a trance and repeats the phrases her master gives her
  • Begins to come to her senses, entranced by the vampire's gaze again
  • Offers her neck to be bitten by her master
  • Now eternally under vampire's control
  • Made to dress as his vampire slave
  • Stands mindless and blank while her master looks her over
  • Again made to sleepwalk while repeating her mantra
  • Stands enslaved while professing her loyalty to her vampire lord
  • Brief topless nudity
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