Girls Gone Hypnotized

Rebecca Falls in Love

Rebecca's coworker confesses to her that he's had a big crush on her for some time. Unfortunately Rebecca does not reciprocate those feelings, in fact she's very rude about letting him know how she feels towards him. He was prepared for this outcome, however, and sprays her with a love pheromone. Rebecca suddenly becomes very attracted to him and begins flirting with him. Rebecca even becomes nervous when she senses his hesitation towards her now. Now Rebecca is in love and will do anything she can to win his heart.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Rebecca is sprayed with a love pheremone that makes her highly attracted to her coworker.
  • Rebecca starts to flirt and becomes nervous when she senses that he is being hesitant.
  • Rebecca tells him about all of the ways she can be a good girlfriend to him.
  • She tells him that her feelings are so intense that she thinks she's in love with him.
  • Rebecca wants him to see her body so she strips out of her dress.
  • He tells Rebecca to remove her panties and she happily obeys.
  • Rebecca tells him that she wants to spend her life with him and she will do anything for him.
  • Full nude.
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