Girls Gone Hypnotized


Koa is an intelligent research scientist who is becoming bored with her day to day activities in the lab. Her husband is also becoming bored with her no-fun, highly intelligent personality. He places a chip on her forehead that gradually lowers her IQ in stages. Each stage is triggered by a snap of his fingers. At first, Koa seems a bit confused when she can't understand simple concepts, but eventually her IQ is lowered to the point of an infant's, where she can no longer vocalize her thoughts or even say a single word. She becomes amused by simple things like light-up toys, and a bit frustrated when she can't figure out how they work. To her husband, this new Koa seems a bit more entertaining than the previous one.

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 33 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • IQ gradually lowered in stages using a mind control chip
  • Becomes confused by simple concepts that she could previously understand
  • Becomes amused by her shoes and simple light-up toys
  • Can no longer formulate sentences or even say a single word
  • Eventually becomes a vegetable
  • Barefoot
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